The bORING wHEELS story


The brand bORING wHEELS was born in 2014 but hasn't been used until last year when Tibor moved to Europe. His career took an exciting turn when he left New Zealand in 2009 to gain international experience. While the brand was called "boring", it was not the case with the projects he worked on. Bringing his fashion and architectural knowledge to the automotive field, photographing very interesting and rather exciting cars just made more sense to the name, bORING wHEELS.

Lights and Aventador


Tibor Sandor is a commercial photographer specializing in Automotive and lifestyle photography, born in Budapest, Hungary. He started his professional career over 13 years ago in New Zealand. His love and passion for photography, cars, lifestyle, and lighting create the perfect balance for his craft.

Boring Wheels is your perfect creative solution when it comes to car photography. 


Tibor is actively working with brands like BMW, KIA, Audi, McLaren, Mini, Maserati, Futon, Isuzu, Subaru, Volvo, JAC, and many more. His work can be seen in numerous annual report magazines, showroom wall-arts, billboards, digital and printed advertising campaigns, car catalogs, brochures, and more. His power portraits are also favored by many past and current clients for their authentic look that shows the real personality of the subject in a dramatic way.

KIA Sportage Plug in hybrid GT 2022