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The bORING wHEELS story


bORING WHEELS is an automotive photography brand based in Denmark that is making waves in the international photography scene. The brand has made a name for itself by creating "show stopper" and exciting content, which is reflected in its name, "bORING" - a play on the word boring, which is the exact opposite of what the brand stands for.

The team at bORING WHEELS is made up of skilled and passionate photographers who are dedicated to producing high-quality images that capture the essence of each vehicle they photograph. They work with a variety of clients, from large car manufacturers to small startups, to create stunning and eye-catching images that help their clients stand out in a crowded market.

bORING WHEELS is not new to the industry. They were formerly known as "A1 image capture" and had been operating in the Dominican Republic, other Caribbean islands, and Latin America for the past 4 years. With its new name and new base in Denmark, bORING WHEELS is set to take on the world with its unique style and passion for automotive photography.

Bentley Bentayga 2020


Tibor Sandor, a modest yet skilled automotive photographer, has honed his craft over 14 years within the commercial photography industry. Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Tibor embarked on his full-time photography journey in Auckland, New Zealand, and later pursued further international exposure in New York City.

Drawn to photography by his enthusiasm for cars and technology, Tibor began capturing car concepts in 2014. Since then, he has journeyed across the globe, collaborating with a multitude of brands to develop captivating advertising content. Presently situated in Denmark, Tibor diligently serves a diverse clientele, striving to create visually striking photographs that highlight the elegance and might of automobiles.

Utilizing medium format cameras and Profoto lighting, Tibor has cultivated a distinctive style that distinguishes his work from that of his peers. Moreover, he integrates his profound understanding of fashion and architecture photography to enhance the value of his craft, generating images that are not only technically remarkable but also visually pleasing.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tibor harbors a deep affection for cars, racing, drifting, and all aspects of speed and technology. This ardor is mirrored in his photography, which encapsulates the allure and potency of automobiles in a way that is both awe-inspiring and uplifting.

Through unwavering dedication and commitment to his art, Tibor has emerged as a highly sought-after automotive photographer with a reputation for delivering imaginative and effective work. Regardless of the size of the clients he collaborates with, Tibor consistently aims to redefine the limits of automotive photography, and his work stands as a testament to his aptitude and fervor for the craft.

2021 McLaren 570 GT


Tibor is actively working with brands like BMW, KIA, Audi, McLaren, Mini, Maserati, Futon, Isuzu, Subaru, Volvo, JAC, and many more. His work can be seen in numerous annual report magazines, showroom wall-arts, billboards, digital and printed advertising campaigns, car catalogs, brochures, and more. His power portraits are also favored by many past and current clients for their authentic look that shows the real personality of the subject in a dramatic way.

2021 McLaren 570 GT
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